"FLOWRHEX offers unique solutions based on flow chemistry and process intensification techniques. We provide service and support right from educating about Process Intensification to complete process development using intensified solutions. "

Why Choose Us

Our technology and services come with excellent features giving you a reason to work with us....



Innovative solutions for process intensification

We provide innovative process intensified solutions for making conventional chemical production routes smaller, safer, faster and cost effective

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Complete learning about Process Intensification and its application

We take pleasure in educating the user about process intensification and flow chemistry technology. We provide training about know how, applications, advantages and necessity of the technology

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Understanding the driver for technology upgradation

We put in our expertise to identify limitations over current process and provide elite solutions with our technology and products to improve the process performance significantly

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Process Optimization and Process Development services

With the intention of delivering an outstanding experience about the technology to our customers, we provide process optimization and process development services using process intensified solutions

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In-house and Onsite Project Work

As per the customer request, we prefer to carry out the project work either on customer site or at our lab facility depending upon chemistry or project requirement and timelines

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Customer delight is our motto

With our enthusiastic and technically skilled team, we have developed work approach to maintain customer delight as our top priority.

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How We Work

We have developed a customer oriented work approach with the aim of offering a smoother transition to a cutting edge technology



With complete transparency at every stage of the project, we intend to provide reliable and dedicated service all the time.