FLOWRHEX Technologies provide range of products based on flow chemistry and process intensification. Our main focus is to provide safer, efficient and miniaturized solution to chemical processes. We intend to share our cutting edge technology with every interested use. With this goal, our motivated team is developing innovative products for chemical unit operations.


Utilize our products,

Intensified Tubular Reactor

Develop novel ways of processing with our Intensified Equipment

=>  Provision to multiple inputs within the same assembly

=>  Improved heat and mass transfer rates with operating priciples based on microchannel technology.

=>  Shorter flow paths  with lesser energy requirements

       Temperature         :    -300C to 2000C                                         

       Pressure              :    Up to 10 bar  for glass reactor and 20 bar for metal based reactors

       Flow rates            :    Up to 1200 mL/min as per scale and requirement                                                       

       Internal volume    :   Up to 16 mL/plate

       MOC                     :    Glass, Ceramic, SS 316L, Hastelloy C276, etc. (as per chemistry requirement)


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Customized Unit

Intensify to your own extent

With our innovative and technological skills, we have kept scope for customized units as per project requirement. Along with our dedicated products, we intend to develop new products related to a particular process requirement on lab scale and scale them to meet your production requirement. So, Come up with your advanced process requirement or technical issue, and we will develop an intensified solution to your particular need. With our dedication and enthusiasm along with expertise from our highly experienced intensification expert, we will deliver you a cost competitive solution with highly efficient performance. With our services designed to provide idea to installation steps, we will give scaled up solutions as per project requirement.


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