Process Intensification and Flow Chemistry

Process Intensification is making a process either chemical or non-chemical highly efficient by featuring process miniaturization, safety and cost effectiveness to that process. Process Intensification can be achieved by reducing the size of equipment, time for production, costs involved with the production and risk and hazards associated with the process. Many unit operations in chemical industry like mixing, heat transfer, reaction, distillation are being intensified by developing new units or methodologies for specific operations.
Flow Chemistry is carrying out a chemical process in continuous way. It provides multiple advantages to a process such as integrated operating conditions, precise parameter control, easier automation, safety and intensified heat and mass transfer, etc. With the use of microchannel technology and flow chemistry, many unit operations can be easily intensified. 

Why opt for Process intensification

Following characteristic features are good reasons to plump for Process Intensification and Flow Chemistry

High efficiency and Process performance
Lower size and operating volumes of production equipment
Highly Improved Heat and Mass Transfer providing Integrated Operating Conditions
Higher rate of returns with lower CAPEX / OPEX
Reduction in synthesis steps with straight forward and inline operations
Precise Parameter Control with easier Automation of the Operation
Improved Safety with reduced risks and hazards with lower Environmental Impact
Shorter Process Development and Scale-up times
Drastic reduction in Plant size

At FLOWRHEX Technologies, we utilize characteristic features of Process Intensification and Flow Chemistry to develop innovative and technology based products for intensifying unit operations such as reaction, mixing, heat transfer, distillation, etc. Experience the inventiveness of the intensification technology at its best with our customer oriented services. 

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